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in spirit! is a place where you can come because you want to serve your highest self and develop for your brightest future!

Our website is here to help you to grow spiritually, emotionally and financially. Don't listen to that inner voice that tells you that spiritual people can't also be rich.

So, this is a website with a twist. Don't get confused by the marketing because it's there to help you. 

We've searched, tried and tested more products/services than we really care to think about. Only the best ones make it to our website as recommendations to you.

Only products that will shift the needle in the direction you want it to go in.

When we say that we want to hear from you, we really mean it. 

We promote affiliate offers that are ethical and that we believe in because they work.
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Jeremy Jackson
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Marketing and Spirituality?
One of our greatest loves is helping. It's not possible to spend more time on your personal development when you are stuck in a 9-5 job, running around after the kids, stressed about bills and not having enough time to exercise.
In these crazy times, it's time to realise that there is a much better way of doing things. We need to take our lives back and stop believing in all of the old models that tell us we have to be in a J-O-B to support ourselves and "get ahead". We all know what J-O-B stands for right?

Just Over Broke!

You Only Know What You Know!

  • Stop dreading work: With online marketing, the 9-5 should be a thing of the past
  • Stop feeling stuck: There's no reason to keep on doing what you've always done
  • Stop dreaming about something different: Take action
Imagine working at your own pace, having a work and life balance and having more time to exercise?

With markets as they are now, there is no better time to start an online business.

Even if you are not sure what you want to do, anyone can learn how to have a successful online business without it costing the earth.

You don't need to have technical skills, marketing skills or writing skills.

You just need to bring your grit and determination!

Lack time, lack money, lack intelligence, lack ability...

Believing that you have to stay in an underpaid job that you probably don't like is demeaning, depressing and gives you a feeling of hopelessness because you think there is nothing better to help you support your family.
Most of us believe that it's too late to start again or that we don't have the technical, marketing, writing or business skills to start our own business.

That's Simply Not True Anymore!

There Is A Better Way!

Years ago, I was unemployed, living in another country that I had left a good job for and about to lose our house. Aside from applying for countless jobs that I never heard back from, I spent two years learning everything I could about an online business.

Being online all the time, I was seeing all the guru's making millions and living the laptop life. I was determined to get in on that and find some way to help support my family and not lose the house whilst constantly battling the bank. It was a stressful time and not one that I look back on fondly. 

Back then, there were guru's galore and also a bunch of people that just wanted to sell you something. It didn't matter whether their product delivered what they promised and there was certainly no support or an ability to chase if you wanted a refund. I didn't spend a lot of money on paid products because we just didn't have it. I was mostly trying to learn it from freebies which really only gave you a small part of the picture. Then, it would take days to try and work out what code or glitch had cropped up on your website. Most of the time, I had no clue how to fix it because I had not technical skills or really an understanding of the internet behind the scenes!

So, after two years I gave up on the online business dream and headed home to get a job.

Fifteen Years later...

Tired of the job and knowing that there is a better way, I started the online business journey again.

That's when Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels fell into my lap. Well actually, they didn't fall. Because of all the scammers I'd encountered before, I was pretty gun shy about investing any money into anything that seemed too good to be true!

This time though, I did a heap of research and couldn't find a bad word said about Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels claimed that they were "Changing the lives of entrepreneurs". Which I thought was  a pretty big call.  The first package that I was presented when I didn't even really know what these guys did or that they could deliver was in the realm of $997. 

There was no way I was going to invest that! I hunted around a bit more and found a free two week trial. That I could live with!

A year later, and here I am with Clickfunnels a regular entry on my bank statement.

I've brought the books, completed the One Funnel Away Challenge, I'm a premium member of Clickfunnels and have stalked Russell Brunson so much that I feel I know him personally! I even watched an Easter streaming of him with his five kids! I never to that!
You will find more than a few posts about Russell Brunson on this website but it basically comes down to the fact that he is a really likeable, trustworthy guy and he keeps his promises.

The Clickfunnels software is so easy to use that even I can use it with ease. Clickfunnels support people almost know me on a first name basis because I relied on the so much during the set up phase but I'm still here and am a 100% supporter of Clickfunnels and their products.

I am living proof that you are never too old, unskilled or restricted by a lack of money to be able to have your own online business.

One Funnel Away Certified!
Amateur Years
Of Experience
Here are just a few reasons you should Try Our Product Recommendations
These Clickfunnels products have all been tried and tested for authenticity and are proven to progress your business if you take action.

14 Day Free Trial

You can try the Clickfunnels Software and training for a FREE 14-Day trial. 

One Funnel Away Challenge

This is seriously too good to miss. You will have a website that you are proud of after 30 days! 

Traffic Secrets Book

There is no better book to learn how to get traffic and it's just been released. Groundbreaking strategies.Just pay shipping.

Dotcom Secrets Book

This book is a constant on my desk and is perfect if you're just starting out. Just pay shipping.

Expert Secrets Book

Learn all the secrets and strategies that Clickfunnels use to exponentially grow their business. Just pay shipping
This Is Exactly What You Need Today
Clickfunnels has changed my life and I would really like to see it change yours. This is the easiest way that I know to have a professional webpage up and running quickly to get you into a profitable online business.
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900+ Clickfunnels Users
Changing the Lives Of Entrepreneurs
Easy To Learn And Use
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